lass Make-Up Information for Recreational Students


If you miss a class (or classes), you may be eligible for a make-up. Make-ups can be done only by currently registered students whose accounts are up to date. Make-up classes never expire.

You’ll have the option to make-up this class at either of our gym locations & in any time slot that meets your class level.

Make-up classes MUST be confirmed before attending. This will ensure we have the staff to accommodate any additional students.

Please click below and complete the form. Someone from our office will reply to you once you makeup is confirmed.

Request your makeup date ASAP so a spot can be ready for you. Please allow a minimum of 48 hours notice when requesting.

If I do not provide 24 hour written notice stating my gymnast cannot attend their make up class we will not regenerate their missed make up token. This means the token is lost and cannot be made up again. To cancel or reschedule your make up please email