All Participants Must:

  • Place all personal items in a cubby
  • Have bare feet, long hair pulled back
  • Have Parental Release completed
  • Wait in lobby until instructor lets you in the gym
  • Stretch prior to beginning work out
  • Wait inside lobby for ride after class

Use of Equipment:

  • Do not attempt skills above your ability
  • Do not use any Pre-school equipment
  • Only 1 person on a trampoline at a time
  • Spotting MAY NOT be done by other participants
  • Request an instructor’s help if unsure
  • No running or horseplay in lobby or gym
  • Do not flip without instructor’s approval

Adults are not allowed on the gym floor area due to insurance reasons.

Smoking and/or Alcoholic Beverages are NOT permitted anywhere inside or outside of our facility.

Olympiad Gymnastics Polices

Any activity involving motion, rotation, or height may cause accidental injury.
Students may start class or camp at any time on a space available basis. The fee will be prorated if 4 total classes are not received within the month the gymnast is being signed up for. Camp proration will be assessed on a case by case basis.
Any missed classes can be made up by scheduling a makeup class. No credit or proration is given for missed classes in the event of a missed class, regardless of the reason as makeup classes are available. Makeup classes do not expire. There are no makeup’s for missed camp days. Class makeup requests can be made up online using our “Makeup Request Form”. To be eligible for a makeup class, you must be a currently registered student for the day you are requesting the makeup class. Your account must also be up to date.
Any class stoppage or discontinuation must be submitted to Olympiad in written or email form prior to the stoppage or discontinuation and must have Olympiad’s approval.  All class spots are held with your expected return unless otherwise advised.  Failure to inform us of your stoppage means we have held your spot in class and you will be required to pay for those missed classes and schedule make-up classes when possible.  Camp or special event days missed due to illness or absence for any reason will not be credited or refunded and are not eligible for makeup’s. Parent’s are not permitted to pick their child up from the afternoon field trips.
Girls should wear leotards (no tights or nylons) or t-shirt and shorts. All 90 minute class students should wear a leotard. Long hair pulled back. No gum or jewelry. T-Shirts & shorts are acceptable for boys. Bare feet (no sneakers). T-Shirts are available for purchase, please call to order.  Day Campers are required to have their camp t-shirt for scheduled field trips.
All classes are co-educational and are conducted one time per week unless otherwise stated. All students must be toilet trained. All students must use the restroom prior to class time.  We are not responsible for lost or stolen items.  No food, drinks or gum is allowed in the gym.  Parents are NOT permitted on the gym floor.  Electronic devices such as iPads and cell phones should be left with the parent or guardian and should not be left unattended in the cubbies. You further understand, your gymnast must be picked up within 10 minutes of class ending. Gymnasts not picked up will be billed $10.00 plus $1.00 per minute for each minute you are late over 10 minutes. For example; if you are 11 minutes late, the fee is $11.00. If you are 36 minutes late, the fee is $36.00. If you are 9 minutes late, there is no fee incurred.
All camps are coeducational.  All students must be toilet trained and able to use the bathroom on their own.  We are not responsible for lost or stolen items. No electronic devices will be permitted during camp. No food or gum in the gym.  Only water is permitted in a closed sealed container.  Parents are not permitted to remain on the premises during the camp day. All daily and weekly camps may include trips to the park, the swimming pool, the zoo or other local amusement facilities. When you sign our camp medical waiver, you are giving us permission to put your child on the Olympiad van to be taken on these field trips. You further understand, your camper must be picked up within 10 minutes of class ending. Campers not picked up will be billed $10.00 plus $1.00 per minute for each minute you are late over 10 minutes. For example; if you are 11 minutes late, the fee is $11.00. If you are 36 minutes late, the fee is $36.00. If you are 9 minutes late, there is no fee incurred.
Payment Agreement:
I understand that any and all monies paid are non-refundable.
All Camps and special events must be paid in full prior to the first day of camp starting.  You may cancel your camp registration and receive a refund with a minimum of seven days’ notice in writing or email form from the camp or special event start date, otherwise we reserve the right to retain your deposit/payment.
Cancellation due to snow or other adverse weather conditions will be posted on Facebook and an email will be sent out to all families.
No proration or credits will be given for cancelled classes due to inclement weather.
** We reserve the right to cancel classes if a minimum number is not enrolled **
** We reserve the right to shorten classes if there are less than 3 students in attendance on a particular class night **

Liability & Legal Release:
As the legal parent or guardian, I understand that there are inherent risks involved in gymnastics and I hereby release and hold harmless Olympiad Gymnastics, Olympiad Schools, Inc., Flip Kidz Gymnastics, LLC, its owners, school directors, staff, & instructors from any and all liability or damage claims that could occur. I understand that photos and/or videos of my child may be used in print as well as internet media