Teeter Totz


Teeter Totz is a pay as you go program. As with all of our classes, There is NO registration fee collected.  Gymnasts must be a minimum of 2 years old and may stay in this class until they become 42 months in age.  Each gymnast must be accompanied by an adult.
Siblings and or friends may NOT join in this class unless they meet the age requirements as noted above.
Teeter Totz will work on movement education with an emphasis on gymnastics and will also have social and physical preparation for our Flip Kidz Recreational Program as well as Olympiad Gymnastics Competitive Program.

Activities will include:

Basic tumbling skills, swinging or hanging, balancing, trampoline activities, and motor skills development.

Students may remain in the Teeter Totz class until the age of 42 months and when their maturity allows them to participate without their adult helper.

Some Basic Rules:

No socks and/or shoes for the gymnast

No socks and/or shoes for adult when going on equipment.
1 adult per 1 child and you must remain together at all times.
NO Cell Phones or Cameras are allowed during class as you will be required to pay close attention to your gymnast.

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