Super Kidz Skill Development


Super Kidz will be age 5 or 6 on the first day of class and will remain in this class until they are in 1st grade.

Siblings and or friends may NOT join in this class unless they meet the age requirements as noted above

Super Kidz will work on introductory skills from each of the four olympic events. Gymnasts will be introduced to trampolines and will also be taught skills and drills for body awareness, strength, flexibility and coordination. There will be a little more focus on technique in the Super Kidz age group then there is in the Tiny and Mini classes..


forward and backward rolls, building blocks for handstands, cartwheels


front support, swinging, rolling around the bar, casting


walking, balancing, jumping off safely


run to jump on springboard, various beginner level vaults


When class students have demonstrated these skills successfully and are in 1st grade they will to move the Power Kidz Class. Students that have achieved more advanced skills at the completion of the year, or at any point during the year they are able to demonstrate more advanced skills, may be asked to move to the more advanced Mighty Kidz or Power Kidz II.

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