Competitive Development Level 2


Gymnasts in this class will be ages of 6 and up and must have a teacher referral along with a certain skill level.

Skills required for Silver must be demonstrated with proper technique


backward roll to stand on feet on floor, handstand roll without use of aid, cartwheel, round off rebound, bridge kick over from floor


glide, chin up hip pullover, cast back hip circle


lever, side handstand, round off dismount


short run with hurdle to springboard, straight jump to mat stack with tree fall

Gymnasts in this class will continue perfecting the above skills, while also learning more advanced skills. Gymnasts will use multiple trampolines and will be taught skills and drills for body awareness, strength, flexibility and coordination.


Gymnasts may continue in this class until they are ready to compete within our Competitive Team Program.

Competitive Team Invitations begin in Spring with training to begin each June.

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